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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2017The blue strawberry and a giant mouse? Stroop effect in assessment of interference control in prereading childrenФіліп'як, Сара
2021The Book of the Lviv City Council (1460 – 1506): Historical and Source ReviewKapral, Myron; Petryshak, Bohdana
2021The Bronze-Age Axe-shaped Sceptre from P?latca (Transylvania) and its Eastern connectionsPopa, Cristian Ioan
2022The clergy of the orthodox reformation confessions and preconditions of institualisation of the Moscow Patriarchate Dioceses in the Donbas (at the beginning of the 1920s – mid-1950sRuban, Mykola
2020The colonial expansion of Africa and the formation of a new world order (the end of the XIXth - the beginning of the XXth centuries)Zemzyulina, Natalкa; Tsymbal, Tetiana
2022The Concept of "Denazification" in the Context of the Information Component of the Modern Russian-Ukrainian WarLipkan, Volodymyr; Artymyshyn, Pavlo
2021The Concept of "Ukraine" Evolution in Early Modern times in Modern Ukrainian Historiography CoverageStepanchuk, Yuriy; Melnychuk, Tetiana
2021The Concept of Cultural Nationalism in the Works of Dmytro Dontsov: Main AspectsIvanyshyn, Petro; Dmytriv, Iryna; Grzesiak, Jan
2018The conseptual analisis of the concept "education"Sokol, Mariana
2019The content of military education of the ukrainians in national and foreign armed forces in 1914 – 1921Vasianovych, Hryhoriy; Lozynskyi, Andriy
2020The Czechoslovak crisis issue of 1938 (based on the periodicals of Subcarpathian Rus’)Kuprii, Tetiana; Tymish, Lidiia
2020The Downfall of the Russian and the Austro-Hungarian Empires, Bolshevism, The Monarchist Counter-revolution, and the Formation of the New Systems of International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe, 1918 - 1920Bondarenko, Dmytro
2021The Education System in Bukovyna during the First Postwar years (1919 – 1923)Hlibischuk, Mykola; Burkovska, Zoriana
2020The Estimation of the War in Donbas by Scientists and Former Politicians on the Pages of the Newspaper The New York Times (March 1, 2014 - February 11, 2015)Ofitsynskyy, Yuriy
2019The ethno-cultural renaissance and public representation of the german national minority in Transcarpathian region after 1989Zan, Mykhaylo; Hvozdyak, Olha
2022The Figure of Hetman Petro Sahaidachny in Understanding of Modern Polish HistoriographyStepanchuk, Yuriy; Kornovenko, Serhii
2020The First Soviet Five-year Plan - as Reflected in the Romanian Archival SourcesCirstea, Marusia
2016The foreignness: the need to discuss aspects for multicultural learningStöger, Peter
2020The formation of non-formal groups of nomenclature in the USSR during the 1930-ies (on the example of the Soviet party leadership in Dnipropetrovsk region)Burenkov, Viktor; Kahanov, Yurii
2020The formation of the christian outlook of the student youth in volhynia province (19th ‒ early 20th century)Карпенко, Ореста