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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2022A figure of the Orthodox bishop on the pages of "The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchy" during the period of late StalinismOlitskyi, Viacheslav; Podriez, Yuliia
2022A new edition on the history of Carpathian Ukraine (1938 - 1939)Bila, Svitlana; Zymomrya, Myroslava
2023A New Understanding Of Modern History Of UkraineDavydova, Iryna; Dykyi, Oleh
2021A Short-Barrelled Wrought Iron Firearm of the End of the XIVth - Beginning of the XVth Centuries in the Collection of Lviv Historical MuseumVerkhoturova, Mariana; Marchenko, Yaroslav
2020Academic plagiarism and self-plagiarism as elements of violation of academic integrityКупрата, Надія; Менсо, Ірина
2020Ad Fontes: source capacity of the first General Census of the Russian Empire population of 1897Vodotyka, Serhiy; Robak, Ihor
2020Agrarian Reform of P. Wrangel in the South of Ukraine (1920)Kornovenko, Serhii; Pasichna, Yulia
2022Agricultural Experimental Work as a Component of Modern Natural Science and Culture of the Nation: History of Formation and Evolution of ConceptsVerhunov, Victor
2018Aksjologiczny wymiar edukacji muzycznej w ksztalceniu studentowRogozińska, Katarzyna
2017Alternating custody as seen by fathers claiming custody of their childrenDudak, Anna
2019-01An analysis of the practice of smart advice in terms of gender perspectiveYildyrym, Akhmet
2021An Archival and Investigative Case on Hryhoriy Tymofiiv as a Source on the History of Repressions during the 1930sKuznets, Tetiana; Skus, Olha
2019Antarctic as object of the general heritage of humanity and territorial claims on itCherniaev, Olexandr; Kovtun, Oleksandr
2021Anti-religious activities of the Union of Godless in Ukraine (1927 – 1930)Dotsenko, Viktor; Zholob, Mykhailo
2022Archeological musical instruments from the territory of Galicia-Volhynia State as part of Slavic instruments of the Xth - the XIVth centuriesTerskyi, Sviatoslav; Zinkiv, Iryna
2020Artistic activity of the Roman Catholic Orders in the Eastern lands of the Commonwealth: outstanding personalities and monuments (the XVIIth - XVIIIth centuries)Sheretiuk, Ruslana
2023Aspekte des nachahmungslernens in den methoden von Suzuki und YamahaOkatyev, Denys
2021Assyrian National Elites of Georgia in the 1920s: Public Policy and National Cultural IdentityMargulov, Arthur
2023Assyrians in the USSR: demographic and language aspects of the soviet policyMargulov, Arthur
2022Attempts to organize oil industry in interwar PolandMasyk, Roman