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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2020Teaching foreign language professional discourse to students of non-linguistic profiles in BelarusМаксимук, Лариса; Левонюк, Ліля
2017Teaching learners with dyslexia in junior high school of PolandJanicka-Panek, Teresa
2018Tendencies of tutoring and mentoring development at higher educational establishments of GermanyІваницька, Оксана
2018Teoretyczne uzasadnienie organizacyjnie-pedagogicznych warunkow wychowania altruistycznegoStetsko, Iryna; Yurchyshyn, Tetiana
2020The "memory studies" development and the historical memory dynamics in independent Ukraine from the view of the modern western historiographyPrylutska, Lyudmyla
2021The Activity Issue of Local Authorities of the Reich Commissariat "Ukraine" (1941 - 1944) in Modern Ukrainian HistiriographyHoncharenko, Oleksij; Potyl’chak, Oleksandr
2016The analysis of metavalues of women with anorexia and bulimia nervosaWiatrowska, Anna
2019The ancient Poland state system in scientific discussions at the beginning of the XXth CENTURYLazurko, Lidiya; Luchenko, Dmytro
2021The Ancient Rzeczpospolita highest judicial bodies in the justice system of the royal estates (on the example of the Sambir economy of the XVIth - XVIIIth centuries)Smutok, Ihor; Donenko, Valerii
2022The Anti-religious Policy of the Soviet State in Transcarpathia in 1953Danylets, Iurii; Mishchanyn, Vasyl
2022The Artillery Officers' Role in the Ukrainian Armies Formation at the Outbreak of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 - 1921Tkachuk, Pavlo; Stetsiv, Yaroslav
2017The blue strawberry and a giant mouse? Stroop effect in assessment of interference control in prereading childrenФіліп'як, Сара
2021The Book of the Lviv City Council (1460 – 1506): Historical and Source ReviewKapral, Myron; Petryshak, Bohdana
2021The Bronze-Age Axe-shaped Sceptre from P?latca (Transylvania) and its Eastern connectionsPopa, Cristian Ioan
2022The clergy of the orthodox reformation confessions and preconditions of institualisation of the Moscow Patriarchate Dioceses in the Donbas (at the beginning of the 1920s – mid-1950sRuban, Mykola
2020The colonial expansion of Africa and the formation of a new world order (the end of the XIXth - the beginning of the XXth centuries)Zemzyulina, Natalкa; Tsymbal, Tetiana
2022The Concept of "Denazification" in the Context of the Information Component of the Modern Russian-Ukrainian WarLipkan, Volodymyr; Artymyshyn, Pavlo
2021The Concept of "Ukraine" Evolution in Early Modern times in Modern Ukrainian Historiography CoverageStepanchuk, Yuriy; Melnychuk, Tetiana
2021The Concept of Cultural Nationalism in the Works of Dmytro Dontsov: Main AspectsIvanyshyn, Petro; Dmytriv, Iryna; Grzesiak, Jan
2018The conseptual analisis of the concept "education"Sokol, Mariana