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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2021Pages of Social and Political Activity of Oleksandr Lototskiy in Emigration during the Period of 1926 - 1932 (according to the materials from the Branch State Archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine)Mykhailenko, Galyna
2020Parables in the students' education at higher learning institutions of Ukraine and the United StatesZvarych, Iryna
2021Participation of Ihor Yukhnovsky in the Constitutional Processes of 1990 – 1996Sukhyy, Oleksiy; Datskiv, Petro
2022Patriots & Critics: the Story of how Public Receptions of World War I in the Russian Empire ChangedKutsyk, Ruslan
2021Peasant Agrarianist Approaches and Practices of Resolving the Agrarian Issue during the Period of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 - 1921Lozovyi, Vitaliy
2018Peculiarities of teaching English as a foreign language in the process of professional preparation of future specialists by means of independent learningKobylianska, Liliia; Matiichuk, Kvitoslava
2021Peculiarities of the teaching extensive reading at the English lesson for marinersКулікова, Ірина
2020Peculiarities of the tutoring and mentoring realization at higher educational establishments of switzerlandІваницька, Оксана
2022Peculiarities of zemstvos introduction in Volyn province (the second half of the XIXth - the beginning of the XXth century)Bortnikov, Valery; Yarosh, Yaroslav
2023Pedagogical control in the education systemYatsiv, Oksana
2019Pedagogiczne zasady funkcjonowania sos – wiosek dziecięcych na ukrainieKarpenko, Oresta
2021Per aspera ad astra: An Organization of the Laboratory of Natural Science Methods at the Institute of Archaeology AS of the UkrSSR in the 1960sPaliienko, Sergii
2023Personality of Yuriy Kosach in the ukrainian national liberation movementDobrochynska, Valentyna; Lenartovych, Oleg
2017Personality traits and personal values in Polish studentsTychmanowicz, Anna
2019Personaly-existential limits of acculturation as a factor of social communicationПетрушенко, Оксана
2019Philological and historical research methods of classical studiesKazarov, Sarkis; Petrechko, Oleh
2021Philosophical and psychological foundations for pedagogical outlook formation in future teachersКобрій, Ольга; Яців, Оксана
2023Piano work by Tadeas SalvaSkvarkovs, Jana
2022Pitritskyi monastery: an outstanding spiritual monument of GaliciaKuhutiak, Mykola; Korolko, Andrii