№ 24 (2022) Головна сторінка зібрання Перегляд статистики

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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2022"Unconventional Histories": the Polish Historiography in Search of New Social PerspectivesYaremchuk, Vitalii
2022Publication of documentary sources in Ukraine in the era of independenceSichkarenko, Halyna; Zlenko, Аlla
2022Historiography of activities of the Red Army and Wehrmacht bodies on the study and use of the combat experience during World War IIPashkova, Olha; Yevsieiev, Ihor
2022Ukrainian Canadian Committee Activities in Information and Analytical Materials of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSRSiromskyi, Ruslan; Kachmar, Volodymyr
2022Development of the agricultural industrial complex of the west regions in the UkrSSR: plans of state and party bodies powers and perspectives of its implementation (at the end of the 1960s - the first half of the 1970s)Lukyanchenko, Svitlana; Muravskyi, Oleh
2022The Anti-religious Policy of the Soviet State in Transcarpathia in 1953Danylets, Iurii; Mishchanyn, Vasyl
2022Ideological justification of the Truman doctrine of 1947Anistratenko, Tetiana
2022A figure of the Orthodox bishop on the pages of "The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchy" during the period of late StalinismOlitskyi, Viacheslav; Podriez, Yuliia
2022Training of engineering and technical staff in professional education institutions in the German occupation zones of Ukraine in 1941 – 1944Honcharenko, Oleksiy; Ivanenko, Alina
2022Ukrainian Humanitarians ies in the Second Polish Republic: Participation in Foreign Scientific CooperationTelvak, Vitalii; Salata, Oksana; Nowacki, Albert
2022The clergy of the orthodox reformation confessions and preconditions of institualisation of the Moscow Patriarchate Dioceses in the Donbas (at the beginning of the 1920s – mid-1950sRuban, Mykola
2022Resettlement movement among the German population of the Southern Regions of the Ukrainian SSR in the 1920sRozovyk, Olesia
2022Ukrainian Citizens' Committee in 1918 – 1921 (according to the materials of the periodical "Dilo")Kurylyshyn, Kostiantyn; Vyzdryk, Vitaliy
2022Russian imperialism in the Balkans during the First Balkan War of 1912–1913Mashevskyi, Oleh; Kondratenko, Oleh
2022The influence of alcohol on the formation of preconditions and the course of the peasant revolution in Naddniprianska Ukraine (1902 – 1922)Kovalova, Nataliia; Shmaliukh, Alona
2022Charitable Activity of the Orthodox Fraternities of Right-Bank Ukraine in the Second Half of the XIXth CenturyAlyoshyna, Oksana
2022History of creation and activity of Khomivka Assumption-Transfiguration ConvictRadchenko, Nataliia
2022Prerequisites for the Establishment of the "Theosophist Society" on the Territory of France during the Period of the "Magical Revival"Gudz, Viktor; Pomazan, Dmytro
2022Sultana Haseki Hiurrem: Her Status In Topcapy Palace and Role in the Policy of the Ottoman PorteTuranly, Ferhad
2022Opposition models of the body code in the magical practices of the SlavsTemchenko, Andriy
Матеріали зібрання (Сортування за Дати збереження у за спаданням порядку): 1 до 20 з 20