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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2020"Deadly enemy of the polish people": images of Mykhailo Hrushevsky in polish journalismTelvak, Viktoria
2023Deputies of the Ukrainian Dumma community and State Duma of Russia, their activities in the Autonomists' UnionBilan, Serhii; Domoroslyi, Valentyn
2020Destruction of the Fundamental Foundations of the Traditional Way of Life of the Ukrainian Countryside during the Years of its Total GovernmentalizationMotuz, Valeriya
2017Development of american school organizational culture in the concept of «caring community»Dovgopolova, Ganna
2023Development of student leadership competencies in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian warZhumbei, Marianna; Tymkiv, Iryna
2020Development of students’ talents in ukrainian higher education schoolsРевть, Алла; Карпенко, Ореста
2022Development of the agricultural industrial complex of the west regions in the UkrSSR: plans of state and party bodies powers and perspectives of its implementation (at the end of the 1960s - the first half of the 1970s)Lukyanchenko, Svitlana; Muravskyi, Oleh
2019Development strategies of pedagogy of partnership in educational process of small schools in Ukraine and abroad: a comparative aspectПрокопів, Любов Стинська, Вікторія
2021Dmytro Stolypin’s social experiment repercussions in the agrarian reform of 1906 – 1917Pryimak, Oleh; Pryimak, Yulia
2023Dmytro-Yaroslav Vitovsky (1919 - 1947) and his role in the struggle against the soviet authorityAdamovych, Sergii
2019-04Dual model of professional training of the future specialists:by the example of Ukraine, the Republic of Poland and RomaniaBinytska, Kateryna; Nahornyi, Yaroslav
2017Earlier and present-day migratory movements of Polish peopleSanecki, Grzegorz
2023Education issue under the conditions of the Russian occupation of Eastern Galicia and Northern Bukovyna (1914 - 1917)Zulyak, Ivan; Kovbasa, Vasyl
2020Education of a person in view of Vladimir VernadskyНевмержицька, Олена; Пагута, Мирослав
2017Educational aspect of "Mloda Muzyka" periodical (1908-1919)Rogozinska, Katarzyna
2021Emperor Julian and the Antiochians: Conflict of Cultural TraditionsPukhovets, Dmytro; Overchuk, Oksana
2020Ethnocultural features of the month of Ramadan represented by Sunni Muslims in Kyiv: intercultural dialogue under conditions of globalization and international migrationKonta, Rostyslav; Lyulka, Vitalii
2018European values as landmarks for Ukrainian studentsOrshanskyi, Leonid; Kotyk, Iryna
2021“Every evil Evolves from Drunkenness”: Anti-alcohol Policy of “Nash Lemko”Nakonechnyi, Volodymyr; Lozynska, Iryna