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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2020General physiology formation and development as a science in Ukraine in the XIXth - during the 30-ies of the XXth centuryShulha, Volodymyr
2020General Secretariat (Ministry) for Polish affairs of Ukrainian People's Republic at the time of the Central Rada: formation stages and structure developmentLozynska, Tamara; Shchetinina, Tetiana
2021Grop production and land resources in Galicia during the Austro-Hungarian periodMakaruk, Ihor
2018Grupa przedszkolna w teorii pedagogicznej Bogdana NavrochynskiegoCzepil, Marija; Marzec, Bożena
2022Hamlet farm development in the South of Ukraine (the end of the XVIIIth - the first third of the XXth century)Vasylchuk, Hennadi; Pryimak, Oleg
2022Health Care System Transformation of the Population of the Western Regions of Ukraine (1939 - 1941): the Soviet Historiographical Myths and Modern Interpretation of Archival SourcesHulay, Vasyl; Starka, Volodymyr
2019Hermann Gmeiner – the founder of SOS-Children’s VillageКарпенко, Ореста
2020Historical and economic problems on the pages of the journal "Kwartalnik Historyczny" (1887 - 1918)Lazurko, Lidiya; Shcherban, Oresta
2020Historical maps in GIS: scientific and methodological aspect (Molochna german settlement maps as example)Krylova, Krylova
2023"Historical town" as an object of cultural heritage of Ukraine (on the example of Bohuslav)Salata, Oksana; Nowacki, Albert; Shcherbak, Vitalii
2022Historiographical Situation Regarding his Origin Issue and the Ways of Its SolutionLastovskyi, Valerii; Biletska, Oksana
2022Historiography of activities of the Red Army and Wehrmacht bodies on the study and use of the combat experience during World War IIPashkova, Olha; Yevsieiev, Ihor
2021Historiography of confrontation between Polish and Ukrainian underground forces during the years of the German-Soviet War: main tendencies of interpretation of the events in PolandBolianovskyi, Andrii
2022History of creation and activity of Khomivka Assumption-Transfiguration ConvictRadchenko, Nataliia
2024History of Foreign Literature (XIX century. Realism)Lazirko, Nataliia
2024History of Foreign Literature (XIX century. Realism)Lazirko, Nataliia
2021How did the Spanish Influenza impact the 1918 Union of Transylvania with Romania?Rosu, Victor Tudor
2020How Moscow colonized KyivPechersk Lavra. New pages to the history of the Ukrainian printing of the second half of the XVIIIth centuryKagamlyk, Svitlana
2021How the South United Ukraine (the End of the XVIIIth - the Beginning of the XXth centuries)Тurchenko, Нalyna; Тurchenko, Fedir
2021Human factor of local self-government of Southern Ukraine at the end of the XVIIIth - the beginning of the XXth centuriesCheremisin, Oleksandr; Predmestnikov, Oleh