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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2019Odesa vegetarian society at the beginning of the XXth century: issues of foundation and main activity directions. on the periodic materialsPyvovarenko, Olena
2020Officials of the chief courts of Right-Bank Ukraine: between the imperial practices and the Polish-Lithuanian judicial tradition (1797 - 1831)Shevchuk, Andrii
2017Old age home teachers in the Kingdom of Poland 1815-1915Hajkowska, Monika
2021On the perpetrators list compilation of the Holodomor-Genocide of the Ukrainians: party-state nomenclature and employees of repressive punitive bodiesStasiuk, Olesia
2021Operational and Mobilization Measures of the Soviet State Security Bodies in 1939 - June of 1941Danylenko, Vasyl
2022Operational games as a method of struggle of the OUN special divisions against the Soviet special services in Western Ukraine (1944 - the beginning of the 1950s)Antoniuk, Yaroslav; Viedienieiev, Dmytro
2022Opposition models of the body code in the magical practices of the SlavsTemchenko, Andriy
2019Optimization of cooperation between social work specialists and pedagoges of pre-school educational establishmentsПерхайло, Неля; Рожко-Павлишин, Тетяна
2020Orel offensive operation (12 July - 18 August, 1943): success and failures of the Red Army Command regarding the armored and mechanized troops useTkachuk, Pavlo; Kryvyziuk, Leonid
2020Organization and functions of the Intelligence Services of foreign centers of Ukrainian nationalists under conditions of the World interblock confrontation (1945 - 1950-ies).Seheda, Serhii; Viedienieiev, Dmytro
2019Organizational and pedagogical conditions for teachers’ readiness formation to use information technologies and distant learningНоскова, Маргарита
2020Origins of the people's movement of Ukraine - Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Cultural and Scientific Society "Rukh"Maliarchuk, Oleh; Kogut, Oksana
2021Orthodox parish communities as units of control over the marital mobility of the Ukrainian population of the XVIIIth - the first half of the XIXth centuriesBorodenko, Olena; Sitarchuk, Roman
2023Out-of-school training and its role in supporting beginning teachers during the induction program in JapanLuchenko, Olha; Doronina, Olha
2021Pages of Social and Political Activity of Oleksandr Lototskiy in Emigration during the Period of 1926 - 1932 (according to the materials from the Branch State Archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine)Mykhailenko, Galyna
2021Participation of Ihor Yukhnovsky in the Constitutional Processes of 1990 – 1996Sukhyy, Oleksiy; Datskiv, Petro
2022Patriots & Critics: the Story of how Public Receptions of World War I in the Russian Empire ChangedKutsyk, Ruslan
2021Peasant Agrarianist Approaches and Practices of Resolving the Agrarian Issue during the Period of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 - 1921Lozovyi, Vitaliy
2018Peculiarities of teaching English as a foreign language in the process of professional preparation of future specialists by means of independent learningKobylianska, Liliia; Matiichuk, Kvitoslava