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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2019Odesa vegetarian society at the beginning of the XXth century: issues of foundation and main activity directions. on the periodic materialsPyvovarenko, Olena
2020Officials of the chief courts of Right-Bank Ukraine: between the imperial practices and the Polish-Lithuanian judicial tradition (1797 - 1831)Shevchuk, Andrii
2017Old age home teachers in the Kingdom of Poland 1815-1915Hajkowska, Monika
2021On the perpetrators list compilation of the Holodomor-Genocide of the Ukrainians: party-state nomenclature and employees of repressive punitive bodiesStasiuk, Olesia
2021Operational and Mobilization Measures of the Soviet State Security Bodies in 1939 - June of 1941Danylenko, Vasyl
2022Operational games as a method of struggle of the OUN special divisions against the Soviet special services in Western Ukraine (1944 - the beginning of the 1950s)Antoniuk, Yaroslav; Viedienieiev, Dmytro
2022Opposition models of the body code in the magical practices of the SlavsTemchenko, Andriy
2019Optimization of cooperation between social work specialists and pedagoges of pre-school educational establishmentsПерхайло, Неля; Рожко-Павлишин, Тетяна
2020Orel offensive operation (12 July - 18 August, 1943): success and failures of the Red Army Command regarding the armored and mechanized troops useTkachuk, Pavlo; Kryvyziuk, Leonid
2020Organization and functions of the Intelligence Services of foreign centers of Ukrainian nationalists under conditions of the World interblock confrontation (1945 - 1950-ies).Seheda, Serhii; Viedienieiev, Dmytro
2019Organizational and pedagogical conditions for teachers’ readiness formation to use information technologies and distant learningНоскова, Маргарита
2020Origins of the people's movement of Ukraine - Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Cultural and Scientific Society "Rukh"Maliarchuk, Oleh; Kogut, Oksana
2021Orthodox parish communities as units of control over the marital mobility of the Ukrainian population of the XVIIIth - the first half of the XIXth centuriesBorodenko, Olena; Sitarchuk, Roman
2023Out-of-school training and its role in supporting beginning teachers during the induction program in JapanLuchenko, Olha; Doronina, Olha
2021Pages of Social and Political Activity of Oleksandr Lototskiy in Emigration during the Period of 1926 - 1932 (according to the materials from the Branch State Archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine)Mykhailenko, Galyna
2020Parables in the students' education at higher learning institutions of Ukraine and the United StatesZvarych, Iryna
2021Participation of Ihor Yukhnovsky in the Constitutional Processes of 1990 – 1996Sukhyy, Oleksiy; Datskiv, Petro
2022Patriots & Critics: the Story of how Public Receptions of World War I in the Russian Empire ChangedKutsyk, Ruslan
2021Peasant Agrarianist Approaches and Practices of Resolving the Agrarian Issue during the Period of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917 - 1921Lozovyi, Vitaliy